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Tom has worked with many styles of production from Television and Commercial production through to Feature films with extensive shooting experience throughout the world. His work was recognised in 2001 with a Primetime EMMY Nomination and most recently an ACS National Gold Award for ABC TV’s “Redfern Now” Opening Titles and Best Music Video. Tom has photographed over 100 TVC’s and worked on a dozen features including Happy Feet, Ned, Infini, and most recently Gods of Egypt and The Osiris Child. Tom brings an innovative and unique style to each production and sees limited resources as no barrier to creative and effective story telling.

Tom has worked with all the leading industry camera systems such as the Arri Alexa and currently owns Reds top of the line and most sophisticated camera the Carbon Fibre Weapon with the 8K Helium Sensor. Tom's camera kit includes a full complement of ancillary camera gear including remote follow focus and on set HD colour calibrated monitor as well as a set of CNE Cinema prime lenses.
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